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Here's What A Few Of Our Members Think Of The Stock Shot Setter!

"The Stock Shot Setter is great for learning how to properly set your wrists and swing on-plane. Not only that, The Stock Shot Setter with the free 1 on 1 Swing Analysis is the only combination you need to truly start building your own stock shot. I can't recommend The Stock Shot Setter & the 1 on 1 coaching enough." - Zak T.

I've bought a lot of training aids over the years, some good some not so good.
But my favorite is the Stock Shot Setter! When I got my free swing analysis back from my online coach at The Golf Room Everywhere, he suggested I use one to help fix a faulty takeaway. Once he showed me how he to place it correctly on my club, it not only improved my takeaway immediately, but self corrected my grip (which helped the takeaway) and also forced me to set the club properly and consistently at the top of my backswing! The beauty of it is it's so portable you can use it in your house or your office and don't even need to hit balls to ingrain the correct feelings. Then, take it on the course and plateau with it to really accelerate your improvement. Film your own swings, send them to your Coach, get immediate feedback without having to wait for your next lesson. The online coaching through The Golf Room Everywhere has revolutionized golf instruction and the player now can improve with correct instruction so much faster and easier than ever before! I am no longer searching for quick tips on YouTube after my rounds because I have a plan for my game.  - Greg B.

“The Stock Shot Setter has helped me learn how to gain the consistency I needed to take my game to the next level with my golf swing and the 1 on 1 coaching has been the best investment I've ever made for my golf game. Get The Stock Shot Setter, get the coaching, and see your game improve. It's that simple.”  - Nathan G.

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How Long Will It Take To Be Delivered? It will take 2-5 days to be delivered. US Based Only.

What Does The Stock Shot Setter Actually Help With? There are many things The Stock Shot Setter will help with. First, your ability to create and release speed onto the golf ball with proper wrist set which will allow you to gain distance. Secondly, solid contact because you'll be swinging more on-plane with a square face. And third, consistency as you'll start hitting consistent stock shot draws.

How Does The FREE Swing Analysis Work? After you purchase, you'll simply send us a couple videos of your golf swing and get a complete analysis of your golf swing back PLUS drills within 48 hours. Complete instructions are given on the order confirmation page and order confirmation email.

I've Bought Training Aids Before, Does This One Actually Work? If you use The Stock Shot Setter wrong, you will not see the benefits. If you use it the way it was designed, you will see the benefits. That's why we stress the free 1 on 1 swing analysis and the video instruction series showing you how to use it specifically for your golf swing.

Is It Actually FREE? Yes, all we are asking is that you cover the Domestic Shipping Cost of $9.99.

What's Your Return Policy? We'll give you 30 days to return The Stock Shot Setter, however, for you to be eligible for the return you must get your free 1 on 1 swing analysis back from your assigned coach and give it a go. If you absolutely hate everything about The Stock Shot Setter & the free analysis, within 30 days we will allow you to return it and get a full refund.

Can I Get More Than One Free Online Lesson? We only give one free online lesson per student. It does not matter if your free lesson came with another purchase of another product, we are only able to give ONE free lesson per student of The Golf Room Everywhere.

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