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Congrats on becoming a Stock Shot Club Member. To remind you of what's included, here's a short list:

- The Stock Shot Club Forum - this is where I want you to go into the forum and get comfortable with posting questions about your game, videos, stats, and more so I and my team can help you improve. You have unlimited access to this forum to receive feedback M-F.

- The Stock Shot Club Live Monthly Zoom Sessions - Every month I go live on Zoom and hit on a certain topic I believe will help you improve on the golf course. Dates and times can be found smashing the link below.

- The Stock Shot Club Live Session RECORDINGS - You can find the recordings inside the forum membership area (click the button below).​

After you create an account, POST in the Coaching Forum about yourself, your game, and how EXCITED you are to be a Stock Shot Club Member!

​If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to

PLEASE READ: Your purchase comes with 30 days free to our Stock Shot Club.  After 30 days, you will be automatically charged $39 per month until we receive a request from you to cancel.  We hope you're committed to improving your game and use The Stock Shot Club Coaching Forum to its full benefit.  If you do want to cancel, please contact

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