Rain Or Shine Golf Presents The Stock Shot Club

I have partnered with Golf Digest Top Instructor, Kyle Morris & The Golf Room Everywhere to bring to you the best online golf instruction on the internet. The Stock Shot Club provides you with unlimited on-demand lessons helping you improve your game, from the comfort of anywhere in the world.

Rain Or Shine Golf Presents The Stock Shot Club

I unlocked the full potential of my practice sessions with the Stock Shot Club! With the help of a Golf Digest Top Instructor and The Golf Room team, I received personalized coaching customized to my game. All I had to do is submit a video of my swing and I received quick, detailed feedback — complete with voiceovers and slow-motion breakdowns. Even better, my instructors guided me through drills custom-tailored to enhance my swing. I continued to submit practice videos for ongoing feedback and customized drills to elevate my game with every club in my bag! - Stephen @ Rain Or Shine Golf

Start improving your game with

The Stock Shot Club

Unlimited On-Demand Online Lessons Personalized To You

The Stock Shot Club provides you with unlimited feedback in real time! You can be anywhere in the world and receive feedback on every single area of your game!

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Rob K. Master Plan + Stock Shot Club Member

"TheGolfRoomEverywhere Stock Shot Club is by far the best on-line golf instruction system that I have found. I wish I had this sooner…After a 3 year frustrating slump, I’m finally seeing real breakthroughs across full swing, short game, course management and the mental game. The Stock shot videos, live and pre-recorded work sessions have given me a systematic path with definitive drills that have kept me focused at the practice area. The responsiveness and professional guidance of this GolfRoom team concerning my questions and videos is clearing up confusion that has plagued my game. This system works! I can honestly say this contributed to 2 recent wins. I’m still learning but truly excited I have a system I can trust and a team that is genuinely interested and active in my progress."

Ethan B. Master Plan + Stock Shot Club Member

"The Stock Shot coaching forum has been a great way for me to stay in touch with the Golf Room and get feedback on my swing. I first joined the stock shot club to hear one of Kyle's monthly sessions but didn't realize how much value I was going to get from the coaching forum.

After joining I was asked to get on the forum and share my swing for feedback. So I did. I've been able to get feedback on how my swing is looking as well as feedback on the drills. My posts are always responded to quickly. It's been a great way for me to make improvements to my swing while also having the changes I'm making validated. It's a fantastic option overall for being coached online. Absolutely would recommend it. Top class online coaching at great value."  ​

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What Do I Get If I Sign Up Today?

As A Stock Shot Club Member for 30 Days Free, you will get access to the following all in one place:
- The Stock Shot Club Forum - where you'll receive unlimited personal coaching from Kyle Morris and The Golf Room Everywhere team!

- The Stock Shot Club Live Monthly Zoom Sessions - Kyle Morris goes live every single month with The Stock Shot Club teaching topics like swing, course management, mental game, short game, and more!

- The Stock Shot Club Live Session Recordings - just in case you miss a session or you'd like to watch previous sessions, you have complete access to all recordings!

What Happens After The 30 Day Free Trial?

If you use The Stock Shot Club resources, your game will improve. Period. After the 30 day trial, your membership is only $39/mo. If for some insane reason you don't absolutely love it, you can cancel your membership. But you will because it's ABSOLUTELY INSANE and AWESOME!

How Does The Coaching Work?

Great question! You'll have access to The Stock Shot Club Forum where you're able to post anything and everything you're looking for help on! Kyle Morris and The Golf Room Everywhere team will be inside the Forum providing you with personal advice so you get 1% better each and every day!

Can I Cancel My Membership At Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at ANYTIME by simply emailing our support team.

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