Build Your Very Own Reliable "Stock Shot" With Golf Digest Top Instructor, Kyle Morris'


So You Finally Start Hitting More Fairways And More Greens!

“They Laughed At Me When They Saw Me Practicing… Now They’re All Lined Up At My Door To Fix Their Swing…”

Are you already playing your best golf?

If it is, please go ahead and close this page as this is NOT for you. 

I assume you're not playing your best golf or you wouldn't be here...

If your game is NOT currently where you want it to be… or frankly you’re unsure what you can do to improve it… you need to read every single word on this page (don’t scroll through, you’ll miss something important). 

You see, The Game Of Golf Has Changed Forever...

The days of trying quick band-aid tips you find off the internet are...


As you know, just a few short years ago, golf was a pretty straight forward sport and…

  • There weren't a million clubs, accessories, and swing aids to buy...
  • ​You could "Google" something and get an easy answer...
  • ​You didn't have to spend literally thousands of dollars to correct your swing...

Not anymore.


  • You walk into your local golf store and are literally overwhelmed...
  • ​You get thrown so much information it feels like you’re drinking from a firehose...
  • ​You’re expected to spend thousands on the ‘latest, greatest’ solution to fix your swing...


There are more and more unqualified, fly-by-the-night guys selling the magic pill to fix your swing popping up every single day! 

Can’t hit your drives, irons, chips, or putts all consistently? 

Oh man. 

There’s now a separate “fix all” aid, club, ball, DVD, coach, you name it! 

It’s madness.  

Don’t worry, I’ve got some clarity for you which is going to make a lot of sense

Have You Ever Spent Money On Fixing Your Swing (swing aids, tried a golf “instructor”, practiced over and over, etc.) And Gotten Little To No Results?  

Well, you’re not alone. 

I’ll prove it. 

…and, by the way, that’s the bad news. 

There’s GOOD news, don’t worry! 

I am sure you've hear me talk about a "Stock Shot" before... whether it was here, on social media, on in the video above.


WHAT Is This "Stock Shot" You Keep Talking About?!?

It’s quite simple. 

The “Stock Shot”... “AKA” Jack Nicklaus’ consistency secret, that he has rarely shared (Yes, THAT 18-Time Major Champion, Jack Nicklaus).

An example of this "Stock Shot" is shown below.

You’ve heard of him before, I’m sure?  

I’ll tell you the backstory in a second. 

Here’s the TRUTH. 

Most golfers have NO clue how to build their swing so it produces a consistent and reliable stock shot.

And even worse... most golf instructors don't know how to TEACH you it either...

…and that’s exactly why you’ve plateaued in your game, until now.

First, please know that it’s absolutely NOT your fault. 

People want you to believe that having a PGA-level swing is as easy as watching a couple videos, buying a training aid, and watching your score go down. 

It doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid…

However, what DOES work is having the correct foundation, with the proper step-by-step instructions, that forces you to unlock this consistent swing… every time... that results in the holy grail of all; the “Stock Shot”.  

Before I get into the step-by-step of that…

…let me address what’s running through your mind right now. 

It’s okay to be feeling a few things right now. 

Skeptical that this is another one of those “yeah right I’ve heard this before” pitches…

Frustrated because you’ve been let down so many times before…

Overwhelmed at the thought of spending even more money on a solution, more time practicing to fix your swing, and lowering your score...

Cautiously optimistic because what you’ve read so far is absolutely spot on…

Here’s the deal. 

The secret to lowering your score doesn't come from a quick-tip... 

The most consistent scores are shot by the golfers that have the most consistent SWING.

That’s it.  

I asked Jack Nicklaus what advice he could give me as a player and as an instructor...

Jack replied, "You must have a 'stock shot' that you can rely on. This is a shot you should be able to hit no matter the situation."…

DING. DING. DING.  I had that light bulb moment!

It all suddenly made sense to me. 

What Jack helped me do was narrow in on the #1 piece of my game that would give me the most consistency!!!

Making sense, now?

Let Me Show You Exactly What You Need To Be Doing To NEVER Ruin Another Great Drive And CONSISTENTLY Hit Stock Shots Over And Over Again...

First, you have to get on board with the concept of having a stock shot...

... no matter the situation.

Ever see somebody absolutely rip a drive nearly 300…and they basically ruin it with the very next shot? 

Or, how about somebody that makes 15-footer on the green… only to save par or even a bogey because of how they got there? 

If that’s you, don’t worry. 

I’ve been there. 

All that time, money, and practice seems to just go out the window on those holes…

I know, I know…

“WHAT should I do, instead?”

What you need to do in order to consistently hit more fairways and greens and ultimately lower your scores is build your very own Stock Shot...

So, If You're Dealing With Inconsistent Contact, Slices, Hooks, Thins, Fats, Or Any Other Consistently Bad Shot...

…you’re reading the right message and are just a few minutes away from the solution. 

Can you feel the relief? 

I hope so... because...

Leveraging the “Stock Shot” is the BEST Way For You To Hit More Fairways, Greens, And Play The Most Consistent Golf Of Your Life!

From the desk of 5-Time Golf Digest ‘Best Young Instructor’, Legendary Golf
Instructor: Kyle Morris Dublin, Ohio:

Dear Fellow Golfer & Friend, 

It’s Kyle Morris.

There were times on the course before I developed this Stock Shot where I was nervous to pair up with certain golfers because I wasn’t “on their level”.  

Well, that all changed. 

Fast-forward about fifteen years, and I’m now instructing some of the best in the country…

After having a 7-year pro career myself, I now unlock golfer’s real potential using what I discovered along my journey. 

My favorite part? 

I get to work with golfer of all shapes and sizes. 

You see, to unlock your best game… no longer do you need over-priced golf equipment, to practice for hours on end, or really even anything crazy…

In fact, you could lower your score several strokes by this time next month… simply by building your very own Stock Shot: A shot that you can rely upon.

What does that mean, exactly? 

When I was younger, I got to sit down and absorb some of the greatest information I’ve ever received… 

Jack Nicklaus exposed to my his consistency secret, the “Stock Shot”, to me in a private meeting. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the course with him to get him to show me. 

Instead, he “told” me.  

I was on a mission to master what one of golf’s greatest revealed to me…

That’s when I took what Jack told me and created my own system to “test and perfect” the Stock Shot...

Quickly, my golf game improved.  My swing was more consistent and comfortable. 

My shots were predictable and improved.  My score went down and STAYED down. 

I had SIX hole in ones in 23 months (without having any prior)...

... I shot 23 under in a 36 hole ProAm Event to win...

And in fact, I shot my best round ever - 60.

That’s verified, mind you. 

How would you like to shoot a 60 in YOUR lifetime?

Or maybe you just would love to break 90, 80, or 70...

You see, you’re not far away from being right there…

Picture being able to have an answer to EVERY shot, from now on. 

Think that’ll change your game? 

I know so. 

I’ve Cracked The Code And Have The EXACT Plan To Follow To Leverage The #1 Strategy For Finally Playing The Most Consistent & Fun Golf Of Your Life!

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money and countless hours to figure this out, by the way. 

…and it came down to this discovery. 

I Discovered That Mastering The Stock Shot Comes Down To These 3 Steps (I’ll Show You, In Detail):

STEP #1: Steep in your backswing...
STEP #2: Shallow in your downswing...
STEP #3: Steep just after impact...

Yes, only 3 steps to master this strategy. 

The best part is... you’ll master this, quickly. 
By now, you can probably see why golfers are banging my door down to get me to help them fix their swings and lower their scores… and are paying my $4,000 daily fee to drop what I’m doing to help them, right? 
It happens all the time at my physical facility in Ohio.
It’s also why I was voted by Golf Digest: 
- Best Young Instructor (5 times running)
- Best Golf Instructor in Ohio
- Nominated Top 50 Best Instructor In the USA
… but let me ask you a quick question. 

How Would You Like Me To Show You EVERYTHING To Leverage The #1 Strategy For Building Your Very Own Stock Shot So You Stop Missing Fairways & Greens And Finally Play The Most Consistent Golf Of Your Life?

I’ve got the ENTIRE system packaged up, ready for you to dive into (you can be downloading the WHOLE thing in the next 3 minutes!)…

…I call it, “The Golf Swing Master Plan: The #1 Strategy To Building A Stock Shot And A Golf Swing That Lasts A Lifetime!

Inside, you get INSTANT access to an entire training area, with: 

  •  My “Fix Your Swing For Good” 8-Module Golf Swing Master Plan to fix your swing…withOUT spending hours and hours practicing! 
  • ​The “3-Step Stock Shot Mastery” path to easily follow that’ll give you the edge in all of your future rounds…so your buddies are fearing YOU! 
  • ​“Smart Practice, Smart Results” private practice plans where I expose the smart way to practice, to get BIG results! (I’ve only previously shown this to my highest end private clients)…
  • ​An advance-copy of the highly anticipated eBook, “Master Plan Drill Guide” with exclusive steps to fix ANY swing faults! 
  • ​…plus a lot more

…PLUS, you ALSO get these FREE Bonuses! 

  • ​️​A FREE 1-On-1 Private Swing Lesson where you’ll have an expert, Golf Room Everywhere Certified Coach literally critique and correct your swing within 48 hours!
  • ​Exclusive Access To The “Members Only” Online Community where you can connect with other golfers across the world to share, collaborate, and connect with like-minded fellow golfers drastically lowering their scores! 
  • ​Super Private LIVE Zoom Sessions With The Stock Shot Club FREE For 30 days Where We Will Cover Topics NOT Commonly Discussed (after 30 days, it's just $19.99/month, cancel anytime).
  • ​​…plus a lot more

You’re getting ALL that…which is unarguably the most critical piece to building your stock shot...

Best part? 
I personally (and, frankly, obsessively) researched AND documented every single type of swing issue… including slices, hooks, shanks and more…
…and laid all this out in a nice, easy way that YOU will be able to fix your swing quickly. 

I know, I know. 
I’ll go easy on you.  
I’m literally GIVING YOU all of my own tools, resources, lessons, and more…
…that have personally made me a 7-year pro, and now a world-class instructor. 

Total value for the private, Golf Swing Master Plan: $2,441.16

As I said the ONLY others that got their hands on this paid $4,000 for me to walk them through this, and there are only a handful of folks that’ve gotten ALL this information and ALL the tools you need. 

I’m going to let you have access to the ENTIRE Golf Swing Master Plan, where you’ll get to build your very own stock shot and drastically improving your swing and score, for just ONE payment of $29!!!


The Golf Swing Master Plan will shift your golf game into a gear you didn’t know you had. 

Inside, you’ll get my EXACT blueprint…including action plans, resources, and one-on-one help to have you playing the best rounds of your life! 

Who does this work for? 

  • Amateur Golfers
  • ​Pro Golfers
  • ​Very Bad Golfers
  • ​Decent Golfers
  • ​Great Golfers
  • ​Those Who Want To Become Pro
  • ​Those Who Do Not Want To Become Pro
  • ​Those Who Simply Don't Want To Lose To Their In-Laws
  • ​Or ANYBODY Wanting To Become Any Of The Above...

Who HAS this worked for?

I am glad you asked...

Clearly it worked for my game.

But just look at some of these insane results from our currently active members...

 "Funny enough, I’m hitting less balls at the range, but with a better understanding of every shot. It just makes sense.  Super grateful to have a clear, simple to understand path ahead.  So I’m getting closer to my stock shot way faster than I thought possible."

"I can't stop smiling right now..." 

-Alan C.

 "Very specific to my swing. Not generic information. Player comparisons don’t always work from my experience but in this case it was done in a positive way. Drills were relevant and the no pressure approach was very genuine. I liked that the most."

- Louie L. 
On His FREE Lesson Experience

 "I loved the personal attention you guys provide. Kyle had responded to my email so I know it's not all automated emails being sent. Very personable which is something that I value in any professional service I use."

- Tony S. 
On His FREE Lesson Experience

 "I love the TGRE process. I fully buy into using feedback stations to 'be your own coach'. It makes perfect sense, that 'proper swings create proper feels', where as I have been trying to reverse engineer this for years."

- Michael T. 

 "The coach showed me what I was doing and then told me the drills to work on.  He was straight forward.  He also followed up in about a week to see how everything was going and asked if I had any questions."

- David P. 
On His FREE Lesson Experience

"I went to the range yesterday for the first time after watching the first part of The Master Plan on alignment and hand path. I’ve never hit a draw in my life. Yesterday I was consistently hitting the “stock shot” was incredible!

I’m pumped to continue building my swing, thanks for the help!"

- Robert F.

As you can see...

... this has worked for countless of our currently active members.

If you tried to figure this all out on your own, it’d take you years and hundreds or thousands of dollars to get close. 

As I said the ONLY others that get this are those who pay $4,000 for me to walk through this with them…and you can get basically the same thing for a fraction of the price! 

(By the second module…you’ll know it’s going to be time to DOMINATE!)

Take a second to really think about this…

How great will it feel to finally hit shots consistently and see your score go down and stay down? 

How about a system that cleans up the part of your game that you haven’t been able to, withOUT more gadgets, endless practice, or more hyped up promises that don’t deliver? 

…If ALL this did was give you a stock shot that you could rely on… would it be worth the $497... $29???

If ALL this did was get you more respect on the course and make you feel comfortable playing with anybody… would it be worth the $497... $29???

Again, you can get in and have FULL & unrestricted access to EVERYTHING inside The Golf Swing Master Plan, for just ONE payment of only $497... $29!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Sign Up For 'The Master Plan' Today!

 The 8-Part Master Plan 
 One FREE Online Lesson
 The Master Plan Practice Plans (Ebook) 
 The Master Plan Drill Guide  
 Stock Shot Club Monthly Access (30 days FREE, Then $19.99/mo)    
 Access To The Private Community

Total Value: $1,077+

Sign Up Today For

Only $97 $29 Today!

Your friend,
Kyle "The Swing Curer" Morris

P.S. - In case you’re the type of person that skims through, looks at the price, and then reads the PS…please go back to the top and read from the beginning…or get left behind. 

P.P.S - You're completely backed by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee... so if you absolutely hate having a plan to help you shoot lower scores, and keep those scores down, just shoot me an email.

Disclaimer: We only give one free online lesson per student. It does not matter if your free lesson came with another purchase of another product, we are only able to give ONE free lesson per student.

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