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Our Membership Packages were created for you to have your own personally assigned coach by your side, on your journey to playing your BEST & most CONSISTENT golf!

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The Starter Package
Per Month - Cancel Anytime
  • Your Personally Assigned Coach To Walk Beside You Every Step Of The Way!
  • One Lesson Submissions Per Month On Any Area Of The Game!
  • One (optional) Onboarding Phone/Zoom Call To Learn More About You & Your Game!
  • 72 Hour Turnaround Time To Your Lesson!
  • Answers To ALL Your Questions Within 48 Hours!
  • FREE Access To The Members Only Community!
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.
the membership package
Per Month - Cancel Anytime
  • Your Personally Assigned Coach To Walk Beside You Every Step Of The Way!
  • THREE Lesson Submissions Per Month On Any Area Of The Game!
  • One (optional) Onboarding Phone/Zoom Call To Learn More About You & Your Game!
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time For Each Lesson!
  • Answers to ALL Of Your Questions Within 24 Hours!
  • FREE Access To Any Programs That You Currently Don't Have Access Into! 
  • FREE Access To The Members Only Community!
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.
The elite package
Per Month - Cancel Anytime
  • Your Personally Assigned Coach To Walk Beside You Every Step Of The Way!
  • TWO 30 Minute FaceTime/Zoom Lessons (Or Phone Calls) & TWO Lesson Submissions Per Month On Any Area Of The Game!
  • One (optional) Onboarding Phone/Zoom Call To Learn More About You & Your Game!
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time For Each Lesson!
  • Answers to ALL Of Your Questions Within 24 Hours!
  • FREE Access To Any Programs That You Currently Don't Have Access Into! 
  • FREE Access To The Members Only Community!
  • FREE 2-Pack Of TGRe Alignment Sticks (Within The U.S.)
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

Member Reviews

Member Reviews

...I highly recommend The Golf Room Everywhere And Online Lessons Do Work..." - Shaun M.

"It's a fraction fo the price of doing lessons in person..."
- Joel S.

"...It's really going to benefit your golf game, because at this point I don't know If I could imagine my golf game without it."
- Zak T.

"...what I like most about it is the fact that the feedback is quick and effective and the drills are easy to understand..."
- Steve K.

"They've Been Able To Help Me Confidently Hit My Stock Shot."
- Justin R.

"...They really want to see you improve."
- Nathan G.

I should have done this months ago with you guys. I appreciate it.

- Ryan C.

For the first time in 13 years of golfing, I feel like I have a solid roadmap to improving my game. I was at the range knowing exactly what I needed to work on because of solid coaching and analysis, not what I THOUGHT was wrong or some quick fix from YouTube. The Master Plan is great, but I can tell this coaching is going really going to take my game to another level, as long as I put in the work. Which I know I will.

I know I've said it already, but I'm going to say it again - I'm very impressed at the amount of care and attentiveness. One fear of online lesson for me was that it would be the opposite. 2 days in, I can't imagine doing lessons anywhere else. And you better believe I am telling all of my golf friends about TGRe. Worth every penny and more.

- Maurice S.

"This information is like pure gold.  Wow what a breakdown!  Thanks Ryan, never thought online lessons would work but man I was wrong.

- Harry Canter.

Just wanted to let you know I shot my lowest score of 92 today. Hadn't played in a couple weeks and only worked on the drills provided and watched TGRE videos! Stating to hit draws too!

- Dillion K.

Just wanted to let you know I shot a career low 77. First round I have ever posted without a double or worse as well. Cannot thank you guys enough and look forward to taking these improvements even further. 

- Matt K.

"The program works.  The content is great.  It's done in a simple and efficient manner.  I highly recommend it..."
- Brian D.

"I've been golfing for over a decade now and I truly feel like this is the first time I have structure and a plan..."
- Kyle M.

"...The improvement has been dramatic both to my ball striking and my consistency..."
- Tony C.

"...Thus far I can not tell you how much more confident I am standing over the ball."
- John S.

"Ryan is the man! Wow!! At first, I was kinda skeptical about the lesson. I thought, how much can you actually get out of an “online lesson”. But, it far exceeded my expectations. Ryan was gave me exactly what I needed to hear & see about my current golf swing. Then provided a couple easy and simple drills in order to make improvements. There is no fluff, it’s awesome because it is right to the point. Very clear instruction. It boosted my confidence just hearing him tell me where I was off. The next day the range session was 🔥🔥🔥"

- Remains Anonymous.

This has got to be the best purchase I've ever made in my life.

- Brandon N.

Just finished playing and shot an 89. One of my best scores since early this summer. On the front I hit every fairway. I found the dispersion of my misses was a lot tighter and I had extra distance on my drives. Made much better contact with my irons and fairway woods. I had a bunch of misses that were straight balls when I was trying to hit draws. Felt like I was able to take the work from the basement to the course.

- Brian D.

Have done some 9 hole rounds yesterday and today and my handicap is moving down from 20.9 to 17.8. Amazing how straight my drives are and my short game is improving around the greens.

- Gerard G.

“Before training with Ryan I had an over the top swing which resulted in big slices and inconsistent contact with the ball. I enjoyed playing but I wasn’t getting better because of my bad habits. After 6 weeks, Ryan has helped me make significant improvements to my swing. I now have much more depth to my backswing allowing my swing path to be in to out instead of over the top. 

At first, I didn’t know how I was going to get the hang of a completely new swing. After multiple weeks of practice and trusting Ryan’s plan, I can say that I’m loving the results. I still have work to do, but Ryan’s video feedback continues to give me confidence when doing drills and hitting at the range. 

Friends in my golf league have made comments on my play this season saying, where did I learn to hit the ball and how much better my swing is with my driver an irons. It’s such a great feeling when you start to see results and can actually feel what it’s like to have proper swing techniques. I don’t think I’ve been more excited to play golf with Ryan as my coach.” 

- Tyler R.

Just shot my best round ever. 4 over par, 76. Thanks to you guys.

- Greg S.

From Kyle Morris, 
Rated #1 Instructor In Ohio,

How Will Our 1 on 1 Online Lesson Memberships Get You From Where You Are NOW To Where You Want To Be??

That's the question.

You may be trying to break 90 for the first time...

 ... or you've just started playing and you've decided to seek out help right away.

Maybe you have been playing for a while...

 ... you've tried 'everything' but nothing has worked.

Or you have these moments of greatness that only last for a few holes, and then you're back to how you "normally play".

More importantly, how are we going to help you STOP what is absolutely driving you insane.

You know, those shots that you think about when you're laying in bed that cost you 4, 5, or even 6 strokes (or more)...

Or that consistent slice that you just can't get rid of.

Maybe for you, it's getting off to a good start instead of making bogies and doubles and having to "grind" back...

 ... or it's not "blowing it" when you are playing a great round coming down the stretch...

 ... maybe you have to rely too much on your short game to "save you"...

The question is, how are WE going to help YOU?

Let's Just Make Sure We Are On The Same Page First...

I am going to explain how our 1 on 1 online lesson Memberships will help you, just like they've helped thousands of others literally all around the world (as I am sure you read those testimonials).

Before I get into it, I first need to clear a couple things up that you may be thinking right now...

After seeing the prices of our Memberships and seeing the testimonials, you're probably thinking:

"Are people really paying that much for online lessons?"

The answer is yes, but you're looking at it the wrong way...

You're looking at it as if 'online lessons' are not "as good" as in-person lessons.

Look at it this way...

I have taught in-person lessons every day since 2016.  I've taught well over 20,000 in-person lessons.

And here's what tends to happen with in-person lessons, I see it ALL. THE. TIME.

The student will book their lesson at their local driving range or with someone they "trust".

The instructor will give the lesson and maybe a couple drills to do.

The student will have a question, need clarification, or some sort of help.

And the only way to get the help is to get your wallet out and book another in-person lesson.

We call this "The Gap" - what the student does during the time between in-person lessons. 

When we were creating our 1 on 1 Online Lesson Membership Packages, we were trying to figure out a way to fill "The Gap"...

 ... so there wasn't any confusion between lessons.

And fill "The Gap" we did.

You see, in our online lessons we still give the complete "LESSON" as if it was in-person when it comes to the analysis of your video, the drills needed, etc.

But when your coach gives you a drill, he or she wants to ensure that you're actually doing the drill properly.

That's why we added "Quick Drill Check Ups" so you know if you're actually practicing properly (you don't get that with in-person lessons)...

Oh, and we threw in 24 hour turnaround time to ALL of your questions so you're never confused or stuck.

See how we have filled "The Gap"?  Are you getting this???
We don't expect you to "Book Another Lesson" if you have a couple questions and if you need clarification!  That's why it's thrown in with your membership!

Do you see how you'd actually SAVE money (and a lot of time) with a Membership?

If you do, make sure you go choose a package by clicking the button below:

Now that you completely understand how our 1 on 1 Online Memberships are WAYY more valuable than in-person lessons... you're probably like...

 "... okay Kyle!  But how do these lessons actually work?"

It's really simple.

All of those members above that sent in testimonials currently do what I am about to share with you.  They rinse and repeat, it works every single time.

Inside of the free CoachNow App, you'll be in your "Space", kinda like a "Locker", with your assigned Golf Room Everywhere Coach that best fits you.

You'll shoot over videos of any area of the game you'd like a lesson on...

... your coach will get back with a complete analysis within 72 hours (or 48 depending on what package you decide on)

... you'll watch the analysis and completely understand what is going on and why it's important

... you'll also finally understand HOW to fix whatever is causing that one thing that drives you absolutely insane that comes with actionable drills you can do at home or at the range

... your coach will ask to see you doing the drills he or she prescribed to ensure you're practicing properly

... from there, you do the drill until your next lesson (that you don't have to "book", your coach is available at your convenience, not the other way around)

... and if you have any questions, need clarification, or anything along those lines it'll be answered within 24 hours (that way you're never confused or stuck)

If you rinse and repeat this process, you will be sending your testimonial video to us which I can't wait to see.

If you haven't scrolled up to the top to choose a package and get started yet, here's the button to get started right away:

It's pretty clear that our 1 on 1 online lesson Memberships are working for golfers all around the world.

Actually, I only put a few of the thousands of testimonials on here that we have in our success story folder...

At the end of the day, if I had to choose whether to have a coach walk beside me at my convenience (basically 'on-demand') vs getting lessons in person and having to book another lesson every single time I had a question...

... It's a no brainer, I would choose a coach that is on-demand.  

Which is why we created these packages this way, so you were never left in the dark.

Anyways, I think you get the point.

I can't wait to congratulate you after you become a member!

Best Regards,
Kyle Morris

P.s. - If you're someone that skips to the bottom, go back up to the top and look at the packages, look at the testimonials, and read this letter so you know exactly what you could miss out on if you leave this page...

Have A Question?

How Do The Online Lesson Memberships Work?
You'll send in simply and short videos of your golf swing to your personally assigned coach to get feedback on. From there, you'll receive drills to do that your coach will want to see you doing to ensure you're practicing properly. You'll hammer out the drills and ask your coach questions along the way when you get stuck or confused.
What's The Turnaround Time For Questions If I Get Stuck?
That depends on the package you choose, however, never longer than 48 hour turnaround time to questions.
I've Already Been Assigned A Coach, Will I Still Have The Same Coach?
Yes!  You were personally assigned that coach because we specifically thought that you two would work well together!
I Don't Want To Film Myself That Often, What Should I Do?
There's actually a lot of good that comes from learning how to film your golf swing. A huge step in becoming your OWN coach one day, which is our ultimate goal for you. If you're not filming your swing when you're working on things, you're likely wasting your time instead of getting the most out of your practice.
Are All Your Membership Packages On A Monthly Basis?
Monthly or Yearly - if you choose Yearly you get two months FREE!  We don't offer one-time lessons because we know that for you to see lasting results it's going to take more than one lesson.  

Other places want you to believe in over-night successes when greatness and lasting change actually comes from hard work, dedication, and commitment.
Do I Need To Practice A Ton To See Results?
We understand that it's hard to find time to practice for most. That's why we side on quality of practice with feedback from your coach and the drills. More quality practice is always going to be better but just practicing for 1 to 2 hours per week with what is prescribed will have you well on your way.
What If I Have Technical Issues With The CoachNow App Like Uploading Videos?
Don't worry, we are here to help you! You can always email or text your videos and we will upload them for you. We try to make this as seamless for you as possible.
Do Online Lessons Actually Work? I Think That In Person Lessons Will Work Better For Me...
There are a ton of testimonials from our active members (and a ton more that we don't even posted on the site) who have had success with our online lesson Membership Packages.  

The biggest problem with In-Person lessons is the gap between the lessons. You're pushed off with "drills" but don't really know if you're doing them properly and the only way to find out is by booking another lesson. With our online memberships, you never have to worry about booking another lesson AND in between lessons is where we really ensure you're practicing the proper way so you're getting 1% better each and everyday.
What If I Need To Cancel, Upgrade, Or Downgrade My Membership?
Simple. You just let your assigned coach know what you'd like to do and we can get it done with verification sent to you after it's completed. 
Will I Be Held Accountable To Send In Videos And To Practice?
Funny story. I didn't workout much and I literally own a really nice gym at The Golf Room. I decided to use my wallet to keep me accountable so I invested in a personal trainer to meet me at The Golf Room every morning at 5:30am and I told him to charge me if I don't show up. Guess what? I show up every morning at 5:30am because I don't want to get charged $250. Think about our 1 on 1 Memberships the same way. Your coach is there for you when you're ready. If you don't use your lessons in that month, you lose them. That will keep you accountable, I promise... that's why we made it this way :)
Are There Any Refunds On Membership Package Payments?
No, your assigned coach is there for you at your convenience and it's on you to use your membership.  There are no refunds whatsoever.

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