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The Starter Package
Per Month
  • Your Personally Assigned TGRe Coach That Best Fits YOUR Game Based On Our New Student Questionnaire!
  • One Online Lesson Submission Per Month!
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time!
  • Answers To Your Questions Within 48 Hours!
  • We Like To Call It "Your Personal On-Demand Coach"
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.


the membership package
Per Month
  • Your Personally Assigned TGRe Coach That Best Fits YOUR Game Based On Our New Student Questionnaire!
  • THREE Online Lesson Submissions Per Month!
  • Less Than 36 Hour Turnaround Time For Each Lesson!
  • Answers to ALL Of Your Questions Within 24 Hours!
  • Access To The Members Only Community!
  • We Like To Call It "Your Personal On-Demand Coach"
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.
The elite package
Per Month
  • Your Personally Assigned TGRe Coach That Best Fits YOUR Game Based On Our New Student Questionnaire!
  • SEVEN Online Lesson Submissions Per Month!
  • Less Than 36 Hour Turnaround Time For Each Lesson!
  • Answers to ALL Of Your Questions Within 24 Hours!
  • Access To The Members Only Community!
  • Access To ALL Update Content Inside The Master Plan, Shot Shaping Video Series, Short Game Blueprint & Fitness Formula!
  • FREE Two Pack Of TGRe Alignment Sticks (Within The U.S.)
  • We Like To Call It "Your Personal On-Demand Coach"
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

How Do The Membership Packages Work?

Hey It's Kyle Morris!

I want to make it extremely easy for you to understand HOW the 1 on 1 membership packages work.

It's very simple.

With the use of CoachNow (which is completely free), we are able to help YOU from anywhere in the world.

The process starts with assigning you one of our TGRe (The Golf Room Everywhere) Coaches.  All of our coaches have been trained and certified to teach - The training is NOT easy.

Next, you'll take a couple videos of any area of your game that you need help with.  You'll also take a New Student Questionnaire.

After we receive your videos AND the questionnaire, we will assign you the coach that we believe will best fit YOUR GAME. 

From there, you'll be connected with your assigned coach.  You're able to ask questions, upload videos of you doing what we ask, and so much more!

Why Is It Important To Have A Coach?

Did you know that over 90% of professional golfers have a golf coach.

Think about that for a second.

The BEST GOLFERS IN THE WORLD have a coach who is not nearly as good as them at golf...


To keep them accountable.

To be another "set of eyes".

To support them when times get tough.

To be there to celebrate when they breakthrough.

There's no secret.  Without a coach it will always take longer to reach your goals and aspirations.

But You May Be Thinking...

"Kyle, I don't know if online lesson will work for me. I think I need in person lessons."

Let's have a heart to heart for a second...

I have given in person lessons for six years straight basically every single hour and have become the #1 Instructor in the State of Ohio.

I have worked with players on The PGA Tour. I have worked with beginners. And everyone in between.

There's one thing that I have realized when it comes to golf lessons in general...

Whether your lesson is in person or online, it doesn't matter. 

What matters is doing what your coach tells you to do AFTER THE LESSON.

Yes.  After the lesson.

And when creating these membership packages, I wanted YOU to have the support system and the help that I had when I was playing professionally.

That's why YOUR COACH will provide you with...

24 Hour Turnaround Time
To All Of Your Questions!

Because when you do go practice after you lesson, you'll probably have a question or you may need clarification.

All you do is text your coach (through CoachNow) with your question and you'll receive a response within 24 hours (usually a lot sooner).

Which is why I like to say - when you sign up you'll get your coach on-demand!

With in person lessons, if you have a question, you must book another lesson.

Does that make sense?

While I believe in person lessons are great, our online memberships are completely changing the golf lesson industry.

But this big question is this...

Have These Memberships Worked For Others?

Here Are (Just A Few) Of Our Members And Their Thoughts...

"It's a fraction fo the price of doing lessons in person..."
- Joel S.

"The program works.  The content is great.  It's done in a simple and efficient manner.  I highly recommend it..."
- Brian D.

"I've been golfing for over a decade now and I truly feel like this is the first time I have structure and a plan..."
- Kyle M.

"...It's really going to benefit your golf game, because at this point I don't know If I could imagine my golf game without it."
- Zak T.

"...The improvement has been dramatic both to my ball striking and my consistency..."
- Tony C.

"...Thus far I can not tell you how much more confident I am standing over the ball."
- John S.

"...what I like most about it is the fact that the feedback is quick and effective and the drills are easy to understand..."
- Steve Kirk

This has got to be the best purchase I've ever made in my life.

- Brandon Norman

"Ryan is the man! Wow!! At first, I was kinda skeptical about the lesson. I thought, how much can you actually get out of an “online lesson”. But, it far exceeded my expectations. Ryan was gave me exactly what I needed to hear & see about my current golf swing. Then provided a couple easy and simple drills in order to make improvements. There is no fluff, it’s awesome because it is right to the point. Very clear instruction. It boosted my confidence just hearing him tell me where I was off. The next day the range session was 🔥🔥🔥"

- Remains Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know I shot a career low 77. First round I have ever posted without a double or worse as well. Cannot thank you guys enough and look forward to taking these improvements even further. 

- Matt Koliopoulos

Just wanted to let you know I shot my lowest score of 92 today.  Hadn't played in a couple weeks and only worked on the drills provided and watched TGRE videos!  Stating to hit draws too!

- Dillion Katz

I should have done this months ago with you guys.  I appreciate it.

- Ryan Cieplenski

“Before training with Ryan I had an over the top swing which resulted in big slices and inconsistent contact with the ball. I enjoyed playing but I wasn’t getting better because of my bad habits. After 6 weeks, Ryan has helped me make significant improvements to my swing. I now have much more depth to my backswing allowing my swing path to be in to out instead of over the top. 

At first, I didn’t know how I was going to get the hang of a completely new swing. After multiple weeks of practice and trusting Ryan’s plan, I can say that I’m loving the results. I still have work to do, but Ryan’s video feedback continues to give me confidence when doing drills and hitting at the range. 

Friends in my golf league have made comments on my play this season saying, where did I learn to hit the ball and how much better my swing is with my driver an irons. It’s such a great feeling when you start to see results and can actually feel what it’s like to have proper swing techniques. I don’t think I’ve been more excited to play golf with Ryan as my coach.” 

- Tyler Ragaller

For the first time in 13 years of golfing, I feel like I have a solid roadmap to improving my game.   I was at the range knowing exactly what I needed to work on because of solid coaching and analysis, not what I THOUGHT was wrong or some quick fix from YouTube.  The Master Plan is great, but I can tell this coaching is going really going to take my game to another level, as long as I put in the work.  Which I know I will.

I know I've said it already, but I'm going to say it again - I'm very impressed at the amount of care and attentiveness.  One fear of online lesson for me was that it would be the opposite.  2 days in, I can't imagine doing lessons anywhere else.  And you better believe I am telling all of  my golf friends about TGRe.  Worth every penny and more.

- Maurice Scott

Just shot my best round ever.  4 over par, 76.  Thanks to you guys.

- Greg Salo

Just finished playing and shot an 89.  One of my best scores since early this summer.  On the front I hit every fairway.  I found the dispersion of my misses was a lot tighter and I had extra distance on my drives.  Made much better contact with my irons and fairway woods.  I had a bunch of misses that were straight balls when I was trying to hit draws.  Felt like I was able to take the work from the basement to the course.

- Brian Dolan

Have done some 9 hole rounds yesterday and today and my handicap is moving down from 20.9 to 17.8.  Amazing how straight my drives are and my short game is improving around the greens.

- Gerard Grouve

To Answer Your Question...

Yes.  These memberships work.

If you're a committed golfer that is sick and tired of playing below your potential and you're ready to take your game to the NEXT level, It's time you take the leap with us.

Just like Mark Twain once said- "The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started."

Now is your time to get started so you can get ahead.

All you have to do is click this big green button below,  fill out your information, choose the package that best fits you, and we can get started.

Let's go,
Kyle Morris

p.s - I would highly recommend going with The Membership Package as it's our most popular.  You can always upgrade or downgrade if needed.

Here Are A Few More FAQ's We Get Asked!

Where Will The Lessons Be Held?
We use the FREE app called CoachNow!  It's super easy to use and if you have any questions, you'll have our support team there for you when needed.
What If I Want To Cancel My Subscription?
You can cancel at anytime, just sent us an email! 
Will the prices be rising soon?
The answer is yes, they will be rising soon because The Golf Room Everywhere is growing very rapidly and we put a great deal of effort into training our online coaches so you can have the best experience. 
Will I Really Receive My Lessons Within 36 Hours?  And Answers To All My Questions Within 24 Hours?
Yes.  This is why I've taken the time and energy to hire and train coaches! Because I personally couldn't offer this to you on my own!  I know you'll also have questions that need answered, just like I did when I was working with my coach!
I Think That I Need In Person Lessons.  Would You Agree?
There's not much of a difference between in person and online.   Actually after you leave an in person lesson, the only real way to get your questions answered is by booking another lesson.  With one of our membership packages, you not only get the lesson experience(just like in person) but you also get the additional support needed.  That's why we have fast turnaround times!
Why Don't You Offer "One Off" Lessons?
You can sign up for The Starter Package and just let us know you'd like to cancel immediately.
Do I Really Get Assigned A TGRe Coach that BEST fits my game?
Yes!  If you haven't been assigned one of our TGRe Coaches yet, after you sign up, you'll fill out a simple questionnaire and send in your videos for your lesson.  My team and I will look them over and assign you the TGRe Coach that best fits your game!
Are There Any Type Of Refunds?
No.  We give you the opportunity to cancel anytime.   If you don't use your lessons during the month, they roll over into the next month.
Is Your Payment Processing Secure?
Yes. We use STRIPE & PayPal for payment processing and we have processed thousands of payments without any issues.
By Purchasing One Of Our Membership Packages, You Agree To The Following.
You are able to cancel your membership at any time.  There will be no refunds on payments that happened in the past and instead of refunding, you will receive the services that you paid for.

 Copyright.  TGR Everywhere LLC.  All Rights Reserved.